Abimoxi crew in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. From left to right (standing): Sifu Nicholas Willan, Sifu Isaac Real, Tom Allen, Ryan Myrvik, Randy Sample, Sifu Wade Sirles, Sifu Shane Stene. From left to right (sitting): Darla Kofford, Grandmaster Shyun, Master Kevin Loftus, Sifu Michael Tschampl, Jeff Booth, Sifu Richard Mesmer. (Photo courtesy of Sifu Richard Myrvik)

San Shou Seminar - June 3, 2010 - Saginaw, TX

Sifu Lee Yokota presented a San Shou seminar June 3rd in Saginaw, TX. Sifu Yokota is a full contact advanced San Shou champion, he is a full contact kickboxing fighter, and he is a former professional MMA fighter. This event was hosted by Master Thanh Van located at the Saginaw Recreation Center, 633 McLeroy Blvd., Saginaw, TX 76179..

Mantis Edge - June 12, 2010 - Madison, SD

Sifu Tom Sumbera presented the fundamentals of knife work on June 12th in Madison, SD. This event was hosted by Master Rich Myrvik located at Kung Fu USA of Madison, 211 N. Egan Ave., Madison, SD 57042..