Annual ACMAF Tournament 2010

National ACMAF Medical Meeting and Tournament

This year the Annual ACMAF Medical Meeting and Tournament was held in Birmingham, AL, April 28-May 1, at Master Peter Ray's new school. The American Chinese Martial Arts Federation would like to thank all the members from around the country who participated in this year's event. The ACMAF would also like to thank Grandmaster James Shyun and Master Peter Ray for delivering another great camp.

We are proud to announce that four new Shifus have joined the Federation after passing the ACMAF National Shifu Certification. Shifu Greg Calico, Shifu Alex Diede, Shifu Kathy Goodwin, and Shifu Clint Spain have trained for years and worked tirelessly to achieve the rank of Shifu. It is through the dedication of these new teachers that will help keep the Federation growing. Congratulations to you all!

To coincide with the tournament Shifu Lee Yakota presented an exciting San Shou seminar to students from all over. He taught new drills, exercises, and techniques. After the seminar the students put on the gear and proceeded to have a blast. A couple of students from South Dakota commented that Shifu Lee's seminar totally made the 20 hour drive worth it!

Grandmaster James Shyun presented the following Shifus with Master status along with their new Master Uniforms: Masters, Kevin Loftus (6th Duan), Jack Skutnik (6th Duan), Thanh Van (5th Duan), Alan Nakamoto (5th Duan), Mike Cimino (5th Duan), Rich Myrvik (5th Duan) and Peter Ray (4th Duan).

Grandmaster Shyun also presented rank advancement to the following Shifus: Shifus Tom Sumbera (4th Duan), Dan Finley (4th Duan), Eduardo Navarro (4th Duan), Nicholas Willan (3rd Duan), Isaac Real (3rd Duan), Steven Garelik (3rd Duan), Lee Yokota (3rd Duan), Shane Steene (3rd Duan), David Hughes (2nd Duan), Josh Streeter (2nd Duan), Nic Baker (2nd Duan), Roy Boots (2nd Duan), and Ryan Myrvik (1st Duan).

Also, congratulations to Master Thanh's 3A group. Keep up the hard work.

The 2011 Annual ACMAF Tournament is scheduled to be held in San Antonio, TX. See you all next year!