Longevity Wine for Health & Longevity
By Grandmaster James Shyun, O.M.D., Ph.D. and Sifu Michael Cimino

It is well recognized within Chinese medicine, in particular Abimoxi, that the condition of the body peaks by an average age of 35 years. After that point the body condition slowly deteriorates, along with the degeneration of many body functions. The fast pace of modern life complicates this picture. For example, the pressures of modern life are often imposing in terms of stress and anxiety, leading to overwork and excessive business. Thus, little time exists for healthy exercise and preparing healthy meals. Modern lifestyle pressures of this nature can lead to early deterioration in the body condition, starting well before 35 years of age, as well as a more rapid deterioration in body condition and functions as people age.

Dietary supplements in the form of herbal wines have been developed to address this problem. Dr. James Shyun, through knowledge gained from decades of martial arts physical exercise and the study of Asian medicine and Abimoxi (medicine practiced within high level Chinese martial arts, known for the health and longevity of its practitioners) has formulated an herbal wine based preparation to foster health and longevity. This preparation is recommended for people 35 years of age and older who wish to slow the aging process and improve health. Longevity herbal wines are designed to nourish the chi and blood; increase the flow of chi; stimulate the blood and relieve blockages, thus improving capillary blood circulation; strengthen the kidney and kidney abilities according to the principles of Chinese medicine; improve sexual and reproductive abilities including lessen of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation; and clear the liver and release dampness to enhance the luster and healthy appearance of the skin. Other benefits that have been noticed with longevity herbal wines include a reduction of high blood pressure; ability to gain sufficient and restful sleep; and assistance with menstrual problems such as early, late, irregular menses and reduction of menopausal symptoms.

Natural nutrients are extracted from herbals into the Longevity Wine by mixing the dry herbals provided, when ordering the formula, with wine. Once the wine has had sufficient time to extract the herbal nutrients, one ounce of the wine (filtered of the herbals) can be consumed daily. It is recommended that regular exercise, such as practice of Shyun Style™ Tai Chi Chuan or 8 Step Preying Mantis™ Kung Fu, and eating a proper diet accompany the use of the Longevity Wine.