1998 Sifu Camp

September 1998 marked the advent of the second annual Leadership Camp for the State Representatives of the American - Chinese Martial Arts Federation held at the New Jersey State Headquarters in Sayreville, New Jersey. In attendance were state representatives from across the United States.

Grandmaster Shyun with Master Kevin Loftus

Commencing with the successful examination of four of the Federations newest sifu candidates, the federation welcomed these dedicated individuals into it's family of sifu instructors. The camp then moved into it's main focus: the future growth of the American Chinese Martial Arts Federation and it's included systems.

Conducted by the President and founder of the ACMAF, fourth generation grandmaster of the Eight Step Preying Mantis System and founder of the Shyun Style of Tai Chi Chuan, Dr. James Shyun lead the attendees through five full days new techniques, leadership meetings, and general fellowship. Lengthy discussions of the future structure of the federation were punctuated by the admission of Sifu Richard Mesmer, Iowa State Representative, to the ranks of Disciple Student. As a seventh generation disciple under his sifu, Sifu Kevin Loftus, South Dakota Representative, Sifu Mesmer is now admitted to the Disciple Committee of the ACMAF.

training session in progress

Hosted by New Jersey State Representative and sixth generation disciple, Sifu Jack Skutnik, attendees of the camp were accommodated with all the comforts of home. Special thanks go to generous members of the New Jersey Headquarters who extended their gracious hospitality. Distractions in off hours included site seeing trips to New York City's Chinatown and Time Square and also a trip to Atlantic City. By the conclusion of the event filled week all present could spell BUFFET in capital letters. The exponential growth of the ACMAF makes it increasingly difficult for the individual members of the committees to get together with any frequency. Therefore, the Second Annual Leadership Camp of the American - Chinese Martial Arts Federation again validated the bonds between the distant members of the State Representative Committee. As the ACMAF family continues to grow, the significance of the leadership camps will increase in importance from year to year.

Once a secret, to be passed to only a chosen few, the voluminous systems of Eight Steps Preying Mantis and Shyun Style Tai Chi are open to all willing to learn and work. Grandmaster Shyun and his committee members will continue in their mission to make the ACMAF a significant force in the martial arts world. All in attendance look forward to next years meeting in West Palm Beach, Florida for ACMAF Leadership Camp 1999.