2000 Sifu Camp

This past October 2000, Sifu Rick Mesmer of Sioux City, IA hosted the Prestigious Forth Annual American Chinese Martial Arts Federation Leadership Camp.

First order of business the Federation recognized the latest State Representatives:

  • Sifu Andrew Miles of New Hampton, NH
  • Sifu Michael Cimino of Buffalo, NY
  • Sifu Tomas Sumbera of Lake Park, FL
  • Sifu Thanh Van of Forth Worth, TX

It is the goal of the federation to produce highly qualified sifus (instructors) to maintain and preserve the tradition of Eight Step Preying Mantis and Shyun Style Tai Chi Chuan. This year is no exception. The Annual Sifu Testing was held in Sioux City, chaired by Sifu Kevin Loftus, Sifu Rick Mesmer, Sifu Thanh Van and Sifu Alan Nakamoto. This examination focused predominantly on endurance, body coordination, fluidity, etiquette, spirit, and strength.

2000 Sifu Camp

This year the Federation congratulates a new member into the elite, certified ACMAF sifu family: Sifu Panagiotis (Pete) Boulieris of Sayreville, NJ.

Due to the increasing number and ranking levels of sifus, the Leadership Camp, led by Grandmaster James Shyun, was held for two exciting weeks. The medical portion of the training which includes application of acupuncture and herbal medicine will be taught this coming spring in Las Vegas. This advanced training, Leadership Camp, is only offered to Certified, State Representative Sifus and closed to the viewing public.

2000 Sifu Camp

Grandmaster Shyun and sifus took time out to enjoy a traditional Vietnamese lunch in Sioux City, IA.

All participating sifus would like to thank Grandmaster James Shyun for his guidance and wisdom. Thanks also go out to Sifu Rick Mesmer and Sifu Kevin Loftus for hosting and accommodating Grandmaster Shyun and the visiting sifus.

Our Fifth Annual Sifu Camp will be in Alabama, October 2001 which will be hosted by Sifu Peter Ray. Good luck to all testing candidates.