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Grandmaster James Shyun O.M.D., Ph.D.

There are not many true martial arts Grandmasters in the United States, and few are as well known here and abroad as Grandmaster James Shyun. Honoree of two Taiwanese National Awards (Outstanding Citizen and Tai Chi Grandmaster); and the subject of his own Taiwanese television series, he has been featured on the cover of Inside Kung Fu as well as other prestigious martial arts magazines. Grandmaster Shyun is the acting President of the American Chinese Martial Arts Federation and is responsible for the growth and development of Kung Fu U.S.A. Grandmaster Shyun is also a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Professor at a Chinese Medical School.






Born in Taiwan, James Shyun is the fourth generation Grandmaster and sole inheritor of the Eight Step Preying Mantis System of Kung Fu.

Grandmaster Shyun has been featured in many well known martial arts magazines.

Grandmaster Shyun was a World Champion in Full Contact Martial Arts for five years running when only in his twenties and has acted as a combat instructor in his native Taiwan, to the Taiwanese Marine Corp. He has traveled abroad to instruct other law enforcement officers in Singapore, Japan, Germany, Australia, France and the U.S. in hand to hand combat. In this capacity, Grandmaster Shyun arrived in California in 1983. By 1984 Grandmaster Shyun developed such affection for the U.S. that he decided to make America the motherland of his ancient arts. The Eight Step Preying Mantis System is now available across the United States due in no small part to Grandmaster Shyun’s decision to break with tradition and open the teaching of this rare system to anyone dedicated to learning it.

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Grandmaster Shyun’s Certificate of
Achievement from Grandmaster Wei Hsiao Tang
Grandmaster Shyun's Outstanding Citizen Award
Grandmaster Shyun’s Outstanding Citizen Award
Grandmaster Shyun's Tai Chi Chuan Award
Grandmaster Shyun’s
Tai Chi Chuan Award