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School Etiquette

General Rules

  1. Arrive promptly for class.
  2. If you will be absent from class, please telephone the school so that your instructor will know.
  3. “Make up” classes may be scheduled to take place only during regular class periods.
  4. Maintain personal cleanliness.
  5. Keep the school clean.
  6. Do not smoke in the school. If you smoke at all, it will slow your progress in kung fu.
  7. Exercise discretion when explaining to others about this school. Do not engender ill feelings or rivalry with students from other schools.
  8. Students may not teach to anyone outside of school, or reveal the information or methods learned in class.

Respect & Discipline

  1. Learn the Chinese names for general commands and for all the techniques you know.
  2. Bow before entering and leaving the school.
  3. When speaking or asking questions, address your instructor as “Sifu” (Pronounced “see-foo”).
  4. Senior students should be addressed as “Sishung” (Pronounced “she-shong”).
  5. When your instructor says “Attention!” stand with your back straight, arms at your sides, and look directly at your instructor.
  6. When your instructor addresses you, respond by saying, “Yes, sir.”
  7. When asking a question, begin by saying, “Excuse me, sir.”
  8. After receiving an answer, respond by saying, “Thank you, sir.”
  9. Except to ask and answer questions of your instructor, talking is not allowed during class.

Student Safety Rules

  1. Students are required to wear clean and appropriate attire during class and open gym workouts.
  2. Jewelry, watches, rings, etc., may not be worn during class.
  3. Nails should be clipped short. If nails are too long you may injure yourself or a classmate.

Free Sparring Rules

  1. Sparring is not allowed except under the direct supervision of your instructor.
  2. No contact, except for light contact to protective gear, is allowed to the head, face, neck, or groin areas.
  3. Proper equipment, including headgear, mouthpieces, groin cups, and chest protectors must be worn at all times while sparring.
  4. No kicking or sweeping to the knee area is allowed.