1st Duan - Shifu- Seattle, WA
Brief info

The story of Cercle-Sifu is one that is full of intrigue, surprises, challenges, sciences and many other interesting plot-twists! The full story shall revealed in time but for now, let us take a brief look at Cercle-Sifus role in the martial arts ccmmunicty. Cercle-Sifus original exposures to martial arts were in a handful of the more commonly known styles. Alternate input had also come from comics, cartoons, movies and video-games, but it was not until coming across the school of Kevin Loftus-Sifu in Vermillion, South Dakota, that Cercle was truly humbled by a genuine confrontation with much more skilled martial artists than he had ever encountered in life before. This came to Cercle as a gigantic awakening call, for Cercle had always been among the top students at other martial arts schools, but Cercle found himself at several huge disadvantages against even the beginner-students of Kevin Loftus-Sifu when sparring. Forced to face the reality that Cercle knew less, and was not as skilled in the martial arts as he thought he was, Cercle continued to show up to Loftus-Sifus school for practice. Whilst Cercle had encountered some life-interruptions that kept him from being able to attend classes, a couple of years or so after being sheltered from a dangerous past, courtesy of a caring Russian/Ukranian farming Community of Orthodox-Christians in Minnesota, Cercle eventually found himself back in South Dakota, from where Loftus-Sifu saw his potential, and invited Cercle to become an instructor. Training under Loftus-Sifu was intense, such to the point that eventually, Cercle put forth days of training that would often last for at least 14 hours in a row! This lasted for a time, and Cercle learned many things, even reaching a peak physical-condition that earned him amongst the the top three sccores at the Sifu National-Testing along with his training partner at the time, the efforts finally paid off. From that point onward, Cercle became Certified as an Official-Instructor of the American-Chinese Martial Arts Federatoin, into Cercle-Sifu! Despite the mountains being successfully climbed, that was not be an end to the obstacles to be confronted, and Cercle-Sifu mysteriously disappeared from public-view for a few years after briefly teaching in the State of Washington. Now, Cercle-Sifu is back, and he is now much more heavily armed with scientific-knowledge, and he also has a level of wisdom that allows him to be able to solve complicated problems with a very high degree of confidence. Amongst other interests, Cercle-Sifu has studied various languages, business, psychological-phenomenae, legalese, just to name a handful of topics (the full list would take up two whole paragraphs or more), and hes also regarded as a computer-expert. Cercle-Sifus future-plans include various economic-projects to improve the quality of life for society, continued research to help Grand-Master Shyun successfully establish an effective Mantis-Mountain project, and to actively update his Quantum-Note web-site with important information as time/schedule permits.