3rd Duan - Shifu - Eugene, OR
Brief info

Shifu Miles study of martial arts began as a kid winning local karate tournaments. Child games turned to more serious study as he spent his high school years fully committed to training under Shifu Kevin Loftus. With Shifu Loftus encouragement, he began testing it against martial artists from various systems to find weaknesses he could later refine. This lent a deeper understanding of the internal principles and practical understanding of Taoist philosophy that encompassed all life and human undertaking.This realization would change the course of his life. After becoming an instructor he began teaching, writing articles and leading seminars in the martial and medical arts. He has taught hundreds of students throughout the US, Canada, Europe and China. He now has a Chinese Medicine Clinic in Eugene Oregon where he teaches a select core of dedicated students. Shifu Miles is a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). His treatment protocols often include Qi Gong and kung fu techniques as a path to long term health and longevity. He has devoted his life to these arts and continues to learn, practice and pass on the tradition in Eugene to the next generation of students. www.kungfueugene.com


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