4th Duan - Shifu - San Francisco, CA
Brief info

Originally from suburban New York, Sifu Miller began his training at an early age. Climbing trees, using tree limbs as swords, generally throwing his body around like a little ninja. After studying the "Western Sciences" in college, he felt a longing for a more spiritual and rewarding pursuit. Remembering his "martial arts past", he started looking into kung fu schools. The mantis systems caught his eye with their mixture of quick hand strikes, grabs and deceptive footwork. Feeling that mantis kung fu would be great for his body type, he was amazed to find that Grandmaster Shyun Kwong Long (James Shyun) had a school in San Francisco! After just one month of training, there was no turning back! Sifu Miller has been studying Eight Step Mantis since early 1998. He now teaches Mantis Kung Fu and Shyun Style Tai Chi at Mission Martial Arts, in the Mission District of San Francisco.