2nd Duan - Shifu- Plano, TX
Brief info

Sifu Derrick Void has had a love for kung fu since his youth and began a more serious study of Martial Arts in 1983. He initially trained in Tang Soo Do and Taekwondo. During his four years of service in the Marines Corps he trained in full contact kick boxing on the Okinawan Marine Corps kick boxing team, he then returned home to CT. In 1997 he continued his training in Waterbury, Connecticut studying Wing Chun, his first experience with kung fu, and the Philipino art of Kali. In 1998 he relocated to the Dallas, TX area, found Sifu Thanh Van, and began to study Eight Step Preying Mantis and Shyun Tai Chi Chuan. He received his teaching certificate in 2003 through the ACMAF, giving him certified credentials as a Sifu Instructor in the system. Sifu Derrick is blessed with a beautiful family, his precious wife Robin of 25 years, son Hawk, and daughters Raven, Sparrow, and our newest family member baby Dove Joy, now living in the Denton, TX area. He continues to study annually in the Chinese Health and Healing Arts as taught by Grandmaster James Shyun, as well as Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Self Defense. Derrick currently operates Kung Fu USA North Texas headquarters in Plano, Texas,classes for children, teens & adults. Additionally, he currently trains children in private on-site programs throughout locations in North Texas named Kung Fu For Christ Academy, discipline for ages 3 to 12. He also provides demonstrations and services for the following events: Birthdays, Camps, Churches, Corporations, Clubs, Seniors, & Self Defense For Women.