6th Duan - Disciple Master - Vermillion, SD
Brief info

Master Kevin Loftus is the Vice President of the American Chinese Martial Arts Federation. He has practiced martial arts for twenty two years, initiating his study of 8 Step Praying Mantis and Shyun Tai Chi over a decade ago and is currently at the 5th level of indoor training. Master Loftus opened the first Kung Fu USA of the midwest in 1992 in the state of South Dakota and still operates it today. Accepted by Grandmaster James Shyun (Guan Long) as a 6th generation disciple of Eight Step Praying Mantis and a 3rd generation disciple of Shyun Style Tai Chi, Master Loftus was given the name Shyun Di Long by Grandmaster Shyun in ceremony. Previous to his introduction to 8 Step Mantis and Shyun Tai Chi with Sifu Dean Economos, Master Loftus studied Tae Kwon Do and then later Yang Tai Chi. Under the guidance and instruction of Grandmaster Shyun, Master Loftus strives to improve his personal skill while conveying the styles of 8 Step Preying Mantis and Shyun Style Tai Chi to the martial arts world. With the enduring blessings of Grandmaster Shyun Guan Long, Master Loftus will continue to teach and produce new generations of sifus, whom go on to open successful schools of their own.