2nd Duan - Shifu- San Francisco
Brief info

Sifu Wolcott began studying Win Chun, Choy Li Fut, and Yang style Tai Chi in his native Colorado beginning at age 12. Upon moving to the San Francisco Bay Area a few years later, he stumbled upon 8 Step through word of mouth and quickly put the other styles on the backburner to focus undividedly on the much more complete and multidimensional system offered by the A.C.M.A.F. After completing the arduous Sifu Training program in mid 2002 - Sifu Wolcott received two B.A.s and is currently on track to attend Medical School and attain a career that will allow him to combine and utilize the best of Western and Eastern Medicine. Since graduation, Sifu Wolcott continues to study diligently with Grandmaster Shyun in Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Abimoxi Medicine while teaching private/individual classes in San Francisco. Sifu Wolcott can be contacted via email: njwolcott@gmail.com or by telephone: 510-326-3218.