5th Duan - Disciple Master - Vermillion, SD
Brief info

Master Mesmer began his training in martial arts in 1983, with the study of the Korean art of Tai Kwon Do and later in the Chinese art of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. With the return of Sifu Kevin Loftus to Vermillion, South Dakota, in 1992, Sifu Mesmer began his study of Eight Step Preying Mantis and Shyun Style Tai Chi Chuan. After countless hours of training, in 1996, Sifu Mesmer achieved the rank of Instructor. Soon after, the Iowa Headquarters of the American-Chinese Martial Arts Federation (ACMAF began in February of 1996. The high point of Sifu Mesmers martial art career was in October of 2001, when he was accepted as a 7th Generation disciple, named Shyun Schwen Long, in Grandmaster Shyuns family.