2nd Duan - Shifu- Long Island, NY
Brief info

Shifu Rob started 8 Step Preying Mantis and Shyun Tai Chi Chuan in 1997 in Palm Beach, Florida with Shifu Jerry Ziffer. In 1998, Rob was asked to become a Shifu Trainee along with Matt Geffrard and Art OBrian, and help out at Shifus Tom and Thanh new school in Lake Park. He continued to train in Lake Park until early 2000 obtaining a second Gold Mantis rank. Unfortunately, he was unable to return to Florida to finish his training due to an issue at the college he was studying at.Instead, Rob enrolled into the New York Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (now the New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine {NYCTCM} when he returned home. After the many discussions he had with Shifu Tom about Acupuncture, he felt he could progress more in Tai Chi and 8 Step by learning Oriental Medicine. He still continued to visit the school in Lake Park a couple times a year, as Shifu Tom invited him to talk to his students about learning TCM.After graduating, Rob flew to Florida once a month for a weekend to continue training with Shifu Lee Yokota and Shifu David Hughes. Although difficult at times having to train alone in New York, he was able to finally pass the Shifu examination in 2013 along with his training partners Matt Geffrad, Franco Plata, and Albert Berrera. Shifu Rob now runs a 8 Step Preying Mantis school and Oriental Medicine Practice in Hickvsille, NY.