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Vital Cane was designed specifically for the use of self-alleviation of bodily pains and muscle tensions.

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Developed by Grandmaster James Shyun, a licensed oriental medicine specialist and a distinguished Martial Arts master. Dr. Shyun has conducted many years of intensive research to develop the most effective device for your well being.

Vital Cane was designed specifically for the use of self-alleviation of bodily pains and muscle tensions. The unique curvature of Vital Cane is due to the natural growth of the rattan root from the earth. Each Vital Cane remains in its original form and has not been synthetically processed.

For thousands of years, ancient Chinese have used rattan root as a remedy for tension of joints and various symptoms associated with arthritis as well as other health disorders. Only recently has the discovery been revived and introduced to America. Vital Cane is made of pure rattan root that takes over a century to grow in nature. It is found deep in the amazons of

Chinese mountains and is known to possess the energy to remove negative ions from living organisms and accelerate blood circulation to rejuvenate the human body.
Researchers believe negative ions are crucial for all living things to live and grow. It is the fountain of life. They accelerate the delivery of oxygen to the cells and tissues, regulating bodily functions, increasing alertness and relieving stress. It has also been found that in a negative ion environment, the chances of contracting a disease or infection are 16 times lower than in a normal environment because negative ions can destroy bacteria and viruses.

In nature, negative ions are produced wherever energy is transferred into the air. For instance, water splashing onto rocks then splitting into droplets in waterfalls, the photosynthesis process of plants, lightning , the sun’s UV rays, etc.

Readings of high concentration of negative ions have been taken in places that we find refreshing like in the mountains or near waterfalls.

Negative lions that can regulate the calcium levels in your blood serum. This helps adjust the blood’s pH balance and rejuvenate the cell, enhancing the immune system and self-regulating nerves. Thus improving your overall health and vitality. They are also helpful in combating many chronic illnesses, aches and pains.

Treat yourself to a moment of deep relaxation anywhere you go and whenever you need it. You can bring your personal acupressure massage therapist with you to alleviate muscle tension and stress.


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